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Judgement of others = lack of Confidence

Great leaders are great because they have a very good understanding of what they can and cannot do. They work on their strengths and continuously develop them. This process gives them confidence. In addition they recognise that to be your best requires working with someone who supports you. A great tennis player would not exist without a coach, nor any other sports person. However in business we don’t connect or ensure that the pathway to great leadership requires working with a coach. Having a coach means you have to be open to discussing and knowing how you behave, think and feel. Having a coach holds you accountable in the areas you have nominated to work on. Achieving these areas makes you feel confident.

A lack of confidence often results in looking outwards rather than inwards. It is easy to default to looking at others and their weaknesses to measure yourself against and to feel better, for a moment or so only. Judging others is a sign of dissatisfaction with self. The only way to feel satisfied with yourself is to become more aware of what you are dissatisfied of and to make changes. Judging others just postpones this process and makes confidence even more unattainable.

If you think back to the great tennis players. If they stop in the middle of the game and focus on the other player and judge them then they are taking their eye off the ball so to speak. It is at a challenging moment in a game that a tennis player must look more closely at themselves and become more focused and disciplined. Looking at their opponent results in losing the game. So remember when you are looking at others and judging them you are losing the game of self confidence. So get back into the game and have fun learning more about who you are and how you can be your best.