Reinventing Yourself

The notion of reinventing oneself has become a bit of a buzz word. Basically what it means is keep developing and growing. Staying fixed or even regressing is not healthy or a great way to live. From the perspective of an employer, people who reinvent themselves means they have an awareness about who they, what their strengths are and where they want to go in life. Managing people like this can be quite confronting if you are not doing the same. You may even become envious or jealous of the person as they appear powerful, disciplined and focused.

Reinvention is like giving yourself a makeover. Not because you don’t like who you are but rather because you want to be your best. In an article written by Dan Gallagher, he outlines a model for reinventing oneself when you are a leader. To get started you need to have a strong sense of self awareness. This means really knowing everything about yourself, how you think, what you believe, your strengths and so on. Part of being at the top requires you to have the social skills to be able to network with develop a great support system. Great leaders have a coach and many others who support them.

Having strong support ensures you can step out and question the status quo. This can be achieved by creating a very brilliant strategic plan, outlining how you think the company should move forward. To be able to successfully do this you need to really know the context your in and also have a great global and political awareness. Being open minded is critical in this step. And finally an element of social responsibility and humility where you have the courage to  to realise that life is greater than self and bringing about the good of others is a higher calling or bigger vision.

When you imagine yourself doing all of these things you can see how success would follow. You would feel incredibly confident and this would give you the courage to keep reinventing yourself or a notion that I prefer,  being the greatest you can possibly be.