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Social Responsibility and Volunteering

Some of the CEO’s I work with are organising a fun run. They want to set up an event in about 6 months time where they get many corporations sponsoring their employees to participate in a 5 km run through the streets of Shanghai. The motivation behind doing this was two things. One was to raise money for a local charity that educates migrant children who come into Shanghai to learn English to increase their opportunities in life. The other was to increase the fitness levels of employees. And probably there was a third one which was the fun of organising an event together. This idea highlights the role of social responsibility in organisations and volunteering.

Some of the CEO’s are also wanting to give up a Saturday to come along and support the teaching of the children, to volunteer their time. They see that giving back to the community is a critical part of what they do. For them their business sits within the context of the community so it makes sense to contribute. In addition health and wellbeing of their employees is also critical. Happy healthy employees make for a happy healthy workplace.

So the plan begins to make this an exciting successful event. Already every CEO in our group has committed their company to the event. This is a great indication of how companies want to be part of the community, sometimes they just don’t know how, or they need to be asked so they can see what is possible. In addition this has now become a goal for their own individual companies. Supporting their employees to contribute to others and to show how the company is community focused. Giving makes people feel good, getting out together and exercising also makes them feel good. So everyone is a winner.