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What are you really committed to?

Part of ongoing development is looking at areas that you want to achieve or goals you want to set. The challenge with setting goals is that we all have a history of not achieving what we set out to achieve at some time in our life. So what is it that stopped the goal being realised? One of the reason behind it may be that the new goal you were committed to was competing with a hidden commitment or belief. For example you may want to learn how to delegate a lot more. You set out to think about what you are currently doing or not doing in this area so you can gain clarity about what you need to change. However in looking at this list you notice that a lot of the things you do actually ensures you don’t delegate. You do most of the tasks yourself and you take on other peoples tasks. These behaviours will ensure you don’t move forward in positively becoming a better delegator.

When you look at the things you are doing that don’t support the change you want to make you will see that you have a belief or value that you are committed to that is overriding your new area you want to commit to. The example of delegation could be that you are really committed to a worry that if you delegate to others then maybe you will miss a good opportunity that will come up. You may be committed to being completely independent and you  see delegation as creating a dependency. The next thought may be that if you are seen as dependent then you may lost some respect as people may believe you are not able to do everything.

What happens is that your hidden commitment negates your new commitment towards improvement. The first step to resolving this is to do the work required to understand what your hidden commitments are. This is critical. If you don’t  know what you believe how can you develop your beliefs and thoughts. Often these beliefs are hidden deep in our subconscious and we are not aware of them. Awareness is the key to unlocking those beliefs and ensuring they are no longer hidden. When you find them it will feel like a great revelation, a great relief as it will help you understand more about who you are, and the more you know the more you can develop. Now your goal is achievable!