What does success mean to you?

Have you ever thought that you clearly knew what success meant to you and then suddenly you realised that you had it all wrong? In the split of a moment you became aware that your success can only be gained from what you do not how others are impacted by you. Sometimes we feel that our success is seeing how we make others feel about themselves or the achievements they make. In the role of leadership you support many people and you may come to feel that your success is seeing others succeed. However this is your passion not your success.

Success is achieving what will make you feel great. You realise that your unique contributions can bring about a great gain to humankind and this excites you. Begin by defining your sense of success. then create a plan to make happen. You will begin to realise that your success can only be achieved by you owning it and being responsible for it. Take control of it and start making it happen.

Once you are clear about what success is to you, then begin by writing down your strengths. In addition think through what your challenges are or weaknesses so that you can be clear about what you need to be doing to create your success. Surround yourself with people who will support you.

So a moment of clarity – success as defined by you for you, not what you are passionate about. Your passion should be a strength and this will bring about your success.