Working Globally

Our ability to connect globally has grown so much over the last year. A good example is that during the US Election people were twittering at around 320,000 tweets per minute. And it wasn’t just within the US, it was around the world. Being able to connect in this way changes the way we work and think. However working in a global environment is still a challenge for most organisations. The greatest challenge lies with individual beliefs and biases about distance and differences.

For some people the sheer distance between people working in different locations around the world is difficult to fathom. They are challenged to reach out and communicate across the distance or to even understand how to make a call to another country. When you hear so many people twittering it is hard to believe that this is possible. But it is the case. In some countries the idea of travelling several hundred miles is not common and so conceptualising calling another country is way off the radar.

There are other people who believe that it is not possible to call other colleagues in other countries because they don’t really understand the culture or how they do business there. So they choose not to connect. Again this is based on an individual belief. It is not based on reality.

Imagine if we removed these two barriers to connecting – distance and differences and we just reached out. We checked that the time was good for all parties, being aware of time differences and then we just Skyped or called the person. With video Skype you can also see each other.

Reach out and connect. The experience is exciting and invigorating. Get to know each other. Remember that diversity is a great way for us all to keep learning and growing.